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Translation Service

Translation of Websites
Langup has over 10-year experience in translating home pages of many enterprises, city halls, and governmental agencies.
Translation of Documents to Get a Job
Is it too hard for you to translate these documents yourself but too expensive to entrust others to do it? Request Langup to do this now.
Translation of Legal Documents
Langup offers the service of quick and accurate translation of legal documents.
Translation of Publications
Langup has translated illustrated books of governmental offices, tourists guidebooks, critical essays, and other publications.
Translation of Manuals
Langup has a wide range of experiences in translating manuals for mechanics, IT products, home appliances, high-tech gadgets, and software.
Technical Translation
Translators with appropriate background knowledge carry out the translation; their translations are delivered to the customers only after having passed rigorous proofreading.
Proofreading Services
Langup offers proofreading services for the documents you have translated on your own.
Translation Request

We will resolve all your uncertainties

  • What is an automatic (machine) translation and would it be OK?

  • Isnt Translation Memory technique a type of automatic (machine) translation?

  • What are the ways to reduce translation costs?

  • Why do the customers assign the translation not translators directly but translation companies?

  • Do university students often translate as a part-time job?

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A Worldwide Network
Langup has built a global network with many translation companies around the world and has established cooperation with them.
About the Company
With 10 years of tradition and know-how to build a worldwide network, Langup will do its best until it

becomes the best solution for all languages.

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Langup always invites applications from talented translators. Now, if you are a talented translator, do not hesitate to join us.

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